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Since 1996 Moving Memories have provided video services for weddings, Christenings and special events. Our wedding video services, for example, includes the groom's preparation, the bride's preparation, the ceremony, a location shoot after the ceremony and the reception to the end. Moving Memories can deliver your production in several formats including dvd, blu-ray and portable video format. Contact us now and ask us about our high definition videos shot on digital single lens reflex cameras [Digital SLR or DSLR].

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Wedding Video Glossary & Features

When it comes to wedding video, there are plenty of terms and defiinitons. We cover some of them here. We also some of the features you may wish to consider as a part of your wedding video production. There are of course many other features that are possible so contact us if you have any further questions about these or other features.

Wedding Video Coverage

  • one camera coverage - one professional camera with one operator to suit
  • two camera coverage - two professional cameras with two operators
  • pre wedding short film - a special theme written and produced for you before your wedding day
  • groom’s preparation - coverage as the groom and the groomsmen prepare (typically 60 minute coverage before the bride's preparation)
  • bride’s preparation - coverage as the bride and the bride's maids prepare (typically 60 minute coverage immediately before the ceremony)
  • ceremony - coverage at your ceremony, usually either church, garden or tea ceremony
  • outdoor location shoot - coverage at location(s) of your choice, a park beach or another location of your choice usually en route to your reception
  • reception up to bridal waltz - includes traditionally your entrance, table shots speeches, cutting of the cake, toasts and the bridal waltz
  • reception up to end - includes coverage of your complete reception usually around 4 to 5 hours
  • extra location(s) - night shots after leaving your reception
  • approximate hours of first camera coverage - this is dependant on your style of wedding. Full day coverage for example, could be 12 hours coverage

Wedding Video Post Production

  • music video highlight - this is cut like a music video with dynamic shots and the use of a mixture of special effects of your choice
  • directors cut (typically 20-30 minutes) - a popular choice for brides and grooms that wish to see their day in a short 20 to 30 minute presentation
  • simple edit full length version - this is also known as the uncut version. Little special effects and music is added
  • full feature edit - a fully edited feature length video including special effects and music of your choice
  • opening titles - credits including your names and your bridal party names with shots from your wedding day
  • choice of music - a selection of music provided by you or we may choose a selection from our own music library
  • special effects - includes special image image filters like soft focus, blur, sepia, black & white
  • 3d effects - these are often used in transitions between scenes and or shots. We recommend a subtle use of 3d effects to enhance your production however we can include as many effects as you wish
  • premium closing titles with montage & effects - also known as the credit scroll, we can list each and every member of your bridal party plus your locations etc if you wish
  • packaging with colour pictures in hard library cases - these are individually designed with your names, pictures in an attractive colour print
  • blu-ray - your video in a high definition format including 720p and 1080p modes
  • total number of dvd copies - most of our productions are delivered in this format at the very least with the option of many other formats to broaden your production's playability

Wedding Video Other Extras

  • dvd of edited production - your wedding video presented on a dvd-r disc which gives you the ability of playback on almost any commercially available dvd player. You can have a choice of simple menus with chapters every 5 minutes or a fully interactive menu with thumbnails navigating you to individual features in your production
  • pre-wedding short film screening at reception - we can have your special presentation screened at your venue for all your guests to enjoy
  • same day edit [sde] - your wedding video can be shot and edited into a short film prepared for screening at your wedding reception. To do this we can for example capture your day up to your entrance at your reception and edit on site. We then typically present your same day edit mid way through your reception. We suggest that your reception venue does this just after the speeches before the cutting of the cake and first dance
  • digital master on a hard disc drive - we can deliver your production in several digital formats .mov .mp2 .mp4 form. Just ask us for more details
  • video on usb - we present you wedding video on a usb stick in a format playable on most computers and usb enabled televisions and players. The format is usually .mp4
  • online video publishing - your choice of your wedding video published in either a private gallery only viewed by you and your chosen audience or in a public gallery. This is a great way to let your friends andf family view your wedding video even if they live overseas