Preserve Your Old VHS Tapes | Transfer your Old Videos to DVD

Are your precious old family videotapes suffering from mold and deterioration? Have you thrown out your old VHS players or cameras but still have some treasured memories on tape? Moving Memories offers transfers to digital video from your old family VHS videotapes so you can re-live all those special and irreplaceable memories with your family and friends. We have a full professional suite with both PAL & NTSC video units, time base correctors to improve your video signal and both DVD and Blu-Ray recorders.

let us preserve your memories


Tape Deteriation is all Too Common | Act Now Before It’s Too Late!

VHS tapes can start to deteriorate depending on the climate and the conditions of how the tapes are stored. We have seen many tapes in reasonable condition but far too many VHS tapes we see from our clients come into our office with obvious signs of wear and tear and even mold growing on the VHS tapes. The mold looks a little like a white chalky powder and grows over time. The major problem with this is that it starts to dramatically affect the quality of the audio and video signal of the VHS tape and leads to picture dropouts and audio pops and dropouts too, making the video almost unviewable. To avoid losing your precious memories, contact us now to transfer your videos to digital today!