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Sending Your Tapes: Packaging Guidelines

When You Send Us Your Tapes Remember

Please Ensure your parcel is packed in a durable box or satchel, clearly labelled & cushioned and snug with no rattling!

Packaging Guidelines

If you can’t make it in to our office to drop your tapes and media in by hand, follow our guidelines. Perfect packaging means make sure it’s well packed to arrive intact!

Knocks and bumps happen along the way. Even though couriers take care of your package, it’s best to ensure your items are packed well to ensure your tapes and other media arrives in our studio just as it was when it left your home.


Treat Your Memories with Love and follow our 5 Simple Steps for Packaging Perfection

If you decide to send us your items to us, please remember to follow these steps:

  1. Make sure your label is clearly displayed, unobstructed and stuck on firmly to the outside of your package.
  2. Ensure your box, parcel and packaging materials are strong and durable. A hard container to pack your items in will protect them from damage.
  3. Cushions items inside your parcel with bubble wrap or packing medium to prevent excessive movement and rattling.
  4. Use strong packing tape to seal your parcel tightly.
  5. Don’t just rely on stickers marked “Fragile” or Handle with Care”. Always secure your items with the best materials you have on hand.

If you’re using a Satchel

Be sure not to overstuff your satchels – they are built to be durable (but not invincible), which means overstuffing may cause breakage.

If you’re sending fragile items

If your parcel is particularly fragile, sharp or contains crushable items, please do this in addition to the above:

  1. Definitely double-box your parcel (placing one container inside another with a cushioning material such as scrunched up newspaper, foam or similar).
  2. Pad each item separately with bubble/foam wrap, tissue paper or newspaper (this is especially important for items with sharp edges, for obvious safety reasons).
  3. Pay special attention to the corners, edges and bits that stick out (we recommend sealing all exposed edges of your parcel with tape).
  4. Use strong rigid material larger than the object to minimise chances of crushing if it is a photo or drawing etc.
  5. Mark with appropriate labels (for example: write ‘contains glass’, ‘this way up’).

Using Australia Post or DHL branded packaging

For all domestic and international deliveries, we don’t recommend sending parcels in Australia Post or DHL branded packaging. This is for a few reasons:

  • If you have old labels on your parcel, it can be confusing for our drivers when they collect from you.
  • It can also be confusing for depot and warehouse workers sending your parcels.
  • Parcels with Australia Post or DHL branding will be returned to the sender because they’ll be assumed to be mistakenly collected.

We get it. Sometimes you just don’t have any other types of packaging available, other than those mentioned above. In this case, we recommend turning the Australia Post satchel inside out, which should help with hiding any confusing logos.

Please Don’t Use These!

We can’t transport parcels packaged only in:

  • Plastic bags
  • Bubblewrap
  • Anything else transparent!
  • Fragile stickers instead of proper packaging

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