VHS to DVD Transfers

Transfer Your VHS to DVD or Digital Files

VHS to DVD transfers are in high demand these days. Because VHS tapes are still widespread across Australia. Many families have irreplaceable memories stored in the VHS format. But is it too late to transfer your VHS to DVDs now?

VHS Background & History

VHS VHS is short for Video Home System, developed by JVC in or about the 1970s. But it wasn’t until the 1990s that Australian families would extensively adopt the format for recording and viewing videos. VHS was the most popular format in the days’ someone would go to a video store or a video library like Blockbuster to rent the latest films to watch at home. Many family videos, weddings and birthday parties of Australian families used the VHS format. Most homes had a VHS player in the 1990s and early 2000s, so it was easy to share videos with family and friends. That means there are countless homes that have old family movies on VHS. Some of these tapes can be 30 years or older. And they won’t last forever.

Some of the largest manufacturers in the world made VHS machines. These were often VHS players, recorders and cameras. These companies included JVC, Sony, Panasonic, Teac and Samsung. And there were even more companies producing VHS tapes with probably the most popular VHS tape manufacturer was BASF.


VHS Tape Decay May Destroy Your Videos If You Don’t Act Swiftly

VHS and many other video or audio tapes can suffer badly from tape decay. This often occurs if you store your tapes poorly. Moisture builds up over many years and mould soon appears. Mould will build up on the surface and on the edges of VHS tapes. This is not surprising because mould finds it’s way on any surface where water or moisture is present. Storing your VHS tapes in a high humidity area will soon bring mould. Note, mould is a living organism. And like any other living thing, mould needs to eat to survive. So the problem with mould on VHS tapes is that it will spread and eat away at the surface of your tapes causing damage to the tape’s picture and sound quality leading the tapes to disintegration. This is common if they stored the tapes for years outside of their case. When you consider some VHS tapes are from the 1990s or even the 1980s, it’s time to clean and transfer your tapes to digital before it’s too late.

An Example of a Mouldy VHS Tape Before and After Cleaning

Note the before and after images below a mouldy VHS-C tape; we cleaned and repaired. There was a lot of white chalky looking mould that you can see on the edges of the tape. After cleaning the tapes by hand, the mould disappears and transferred to a digital format.


VHS Tape Damage Remedies

When you bring your VHS into our studio for transfer to DVD or digital formats, we will always check the tapes. Your tape’s condition will be evaluated before transfered to digital. We will carefully clean by hand any mould from your tapes. We use a specially formulated isopropanol solution to clean both sides of the tape. special attention is also given to cleaning the hubs and tape mechanisms to ensure the best video and audio quality for your digital transfer.


VHS to DVD & Digital Formats: Your Transfer Options

Transferring your VHS videos is no longer only confined to the DVD format. DVD players are less popular in homes and even in PC’s today. USB ports are now common on PC’s, laptops, TV’s and even mobile phones these days. So we can transfer your VHS videos to a USB memory stick. These are available in USB2, USB3 and USB-C forms. Your USB memory stick will include files suitable to use on your device. Popular formats are mpeg2 and mpeg4 for video. Mpeg4 (also known as mp4) can be easily uploaded to social media platforms or video platforms like YouTube or Vimeo allowing you to easily share your videos online with family and friends. If you are unsure which format is best, be sure to ask us and we will suggest the most convenient alternative for you.


Other Popular Formats We Transfer to DVD & USB Memory Sticks

There are many different formats of tape and film that we can transfer to digital format for you. These include:

  • VHS – The most widespread anologue video format of the 1980’s to 2000’s. Used in family homes worldwide including Australia
  • VHS-C – A compact form of VHS using the same tape size but in a compact case improving portability and use in small camcorders
  • Video 8 – Sony’s original analogue 8mm magnetic tape developed for Camcorders used in many family homes
  • Hi8 – The second generation of 8mm tape capable of higher resolution video than it’s predecessor Video 8
  • Digital Hi8 – Making use of basically the same 8mm tape, this format stores the audio and video info in a digital form
  • Betamax – The main rival for VHS, Beta was considered to have better picture quality but was not widespread in use
  • 8mm Film – Motion picture film on 8mm gauge film popular in the 1950’s to 1960’s. Typically running at 18 frames per second (fps)
  • Super8 Film – Popular in the 1970’s, Using the same gauge as 8mm film Super8 saw the sprocket holes reduced and enlarge the image size for improved picture quality
  • 16mm Film – Essentially double the image size as 8mm improving picture quality. The frame rate is usually 16fps or 24fps
  • 35mm Film – Still used today in motion picture film cinema running at 24fps
  • 35mm Slides – Before digital cameras, film camera users had the choice of photos or slides. The main advantage of slides was they were cheaper to produce and could be projected on a large screen for all to share

Some of the Formats We Transfer to DVD & USB Memory Sticks

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Extract Photos & Videos from Your Mobile Phone

Do you have an old iPhone, iPad, Android phone or tablet that have photos or video you’d like to preserve? We can transfer just about any of your files to a DVD or USB too.  This service has been popular with clients that have a phone a few years old that they no longer use. But these phones often have priceless family photos and videos recorded and stored by their phone. We have the software tools and experience to collect your phone data and present them to you on a DVD or USB memory stick, your choice.


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If you have VHS tapes or any other tapes or films that you need transferred, why not contact or call us today to get a quote? All we need to know is how many tapes you have and their approximate length. We can then give you an estimate for your job. You can drop into our studio or we can arrange our courier to pick up your tapes. Delivery is a flat $15 Australia wide. Plus, we will guarantee results.

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