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When you choose us to bring your Moving Memories back to life you can relive all the best memories on your TV, PC, hand held device or just about any digital device.

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When you choose Moving Memories to diogitise your precious family memories, we guarantee to deliver the best possible result .

The Superior Quality of our Video to Digital Transfer Service is Second to None

When you choose Moving Memories to digitise your family videos, we restore your precious memories with the best results possible.

Trust Moving Memories with Your Family Videos

Transferring your precious family videos & tapes to digital is the best way to restore your videos and preserve your memories.

Invest in Our Professional Expertise & Experience

Moving Memories Australia has been producing video since the 1990s. During that time we’ve moved from delivering videos to our consumer and corporate clients with VHS to Digital formats including MP4, h.264, h.265 and ProRes.

Our experience and multi award-winning work has seen us move into transferring video from analogue formats to digital. This means the video collecting dust on your shelves or slowly deteriorating in a dark nook in your home can now be fully restored and transformed into a format anyone can easily view on a digital TV, or hand-held device.

Our Digitising Process

The first thing we do when we receive your tapes is make a detailed log of each tape including

  • tape length
  • tape and mechanism condition
  • video run time
  • make an assessment of the video and audio quality
  • digitise the video eliminating all unwanted portions from the file
  • test the file(s)
  • provide a detailed report on each tape if requested
  • apply any video or audio restoration work if required

The Difference of an Inferior Video Transfer vs Our Service

When you choose Moving Memories to digitise your videos, you are investing in a video production company with the experience to deliver professional video every time. And we take all the necessary steps possible to restore your precious family video. This includes the use of professional equipment to play your video, delivering cleaner and superior audio and video quality.

An Example of Amateur Transfers versus Our Video Digitisation Service

You can see an example of using our process as compared to a consumer or inferior system can be seen in the video example below. This client had a 17-year-old VHS tape that showed a little mold and with a lot of dirt stuck to the tape. The result below reveals a vast improvement to the picture quality. The original video on the left has a lot of grey horizontal lines, an unstable picture, inferior colour and a soft picture with little definition. We then overhauled the VHS tape with a deep clean, changed the tape mechanism with a new free running mechanism, ran the tape through our time base corrector to restore the video sync. We also applied video filters to improve sharpness and eliminate nearly all the video noise. Look at the following 20 second video sample and we’re sure you will agree the result is outstanding.

We Monitor Your Video 100% During the Process

As our professional grade equipment digitises your videos, we 100% monitor the process in real time. This means if your video runs for 3 hours, we monitor the digitisation process for 3 hours. Plus the time taken to wind the tapes, clean and repair if needed, apply video filters and transfer the restored video files in your format of choice.

Repairing Broken Tapes

Sometimes when videotape ages, the composition and layers of the magnetic tape breaks down. This is particularly evident in tapes stored in a humid environment, under the house or laundry or tapes that are 20 to 40 years or more old. In these cases, we disassemble the video tape, replace any damaged, broken or worn mechanisms and tape spools. Then we splice your tape and rejoin the tape with a strong bonded, specially made splicing tape. This will ensure the best possible reproduction of your videos.

Editing Your Family Video

If you have a small or large collection of tapes, we can edit them to a full feature length presentation. For example, say you have 20 camera tapes of various lengths. We can assemble these into 1 video and edit our redundant footage, add music and titles. Plus enhance the colour and sharpness of the video. All this can be rendered to a mp4 video file suitable to store on a USB memory stick to share with your friends and family. We also offer a service to upload your videos to a cloud based server. This way you can share a link to your video with all your family all around the world.

Video & Tape Formats Supported

Whether your videos are stored in VHS, VHS-C, SVHS, Video8, Hi8, Digital8, DV, Mini-DV, DVCAM, VideoDisc, DVD and even on a hand-held device or mobile phone, we can generally transfer them for you. And that includes both Australian video (PAL) formats or overseas formats like NTSC used in the USA. If you are unsure about what you have and what we can do, just ask us.

Digitising Rates & Specs

A Digitising pack from Moving Memories is the perfect gift for someone you love, or a treat for yourself. Don’t let your priceless films, videos or photos sitting somewhere in a dusty drawer. Get them digitised today and you’ll never regret it

Contact Us To Get Your Tapes Transferred to Digital Now!

If you have VHS tapes or any other video or audio tapes or films that you need transferred, why not contact or call us today to get a quote? All we need to know is how many tapes you have and their approximate length. We can then give you an estimate for your job. You can drop into our studio or we can arrange our courier to pick up your tapes. Delivery is a flat $15 Australia wide. Plus, we will guarantee results.

Sending Your Tapes: Packaging Guidelines

You can drop in to our studio or send us your tapes. More details are available here.