(Last Updated On: 20/05/2019)

Greek Orthodox Christening Highlights: Rafael & Christian

Twin Boys

Highlights from a Greek Orthodox Christening shot recently in Sydney.

Twin Boys Rafael & Christian Highlights

Thanks to Dina & Sam for giving us the opportunity to capture their two beautiful sons, Rafael & Christian’s Christening.

These twin boys Christening was a delight to witness. From the preparation time at home with their loving parents and extended family, they are surrounded with love. And the boys enjoyed a little bit of time in the bath before getting ready for church. Followed by a traditional Greek meal and get together for everyone to join in on the celebration.

Priest: Father Lesley
Greek Orthodox Church: St. Gerasimos, Leichhardt
Gowns, Bonbonniere, Candles, and other lovely Baby Stuff: Perfect Occasions, Marrickville
Restaurant: Tavernaki, Leichhardt
Cakes: Mezzapica Cakes, Leichhardt