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Macedonian Orthodox Christening Video Trailer | Andrjea

Macedonian Orthodox Christenings may not be as widespread in Sydney as some other Religions, however they are just as rich in traditions and centuries old culture. Andrjea was a pure delight to capture. from the first moment we arrived to see her getting ready at home, there was plenty times we witnessed her smiling face, giggles and cuddles with all her family. Her loving family including mum, dad, big sister and brother, grand parents and God parents all embraced Andrjea with love and joy.

We began capturing the day at her aunt’s home in Sydney before heading down to the Macedonian Orthodox Church in Wollongong. What made the atmosphere even more special was the Macedonian Church adorned with artistic murals covering the walls and ceilings. It truly feels like stepping into a village Church in Macedonia.  and the lighting that streams through the stained glass windows in the late afternoon is something purely heaven like.

After the Orthodox service, we headed down to Wollongong’s Panorama House. Perched on top of the mountain in Madden Plains, this venue offers 180 degree plus views of Wollongong and it’s winding coast line. The celebration was filled with happy people all surrounding the baby Andrjea with love and laughter. A large cake, plenty to eat and drink and dancing that went late into the night.

The video below is a short trailer from the day and night. for more enquiries about what Moving Memories can do for you, contact us today.

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